CY365 Daily Photo Challenge – My Everyday

So, I’m beginning a new photo challenge today! While I do the WordPress Weekly Challenge, I also wanted something to challenge my photography on a daily basis! Thanks to Capture Your 365, I have a great daily challenge to attempt! Today’s theme was My Everyday!


Storm Brewing


WPC Summer Lovin’ – The Stars

This week’s challenge is Summer Lovin‘, which is just post something you love about summer.

For me, it’s the stars. There’s nothing better in the summer than a lukewarm or cool night with not a cloud in the sky. As a kid and a teenager, I had a huge fascination with Astronomy. At the age of 13, I could name galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters, and tell you what constellations they were in. I could tell you what stars made up both the summer and winter triangles. I knew where to find the planets during certain times of the year. Granted, nearly two decades later, I can’t recall every single detail that graced my 13 year old mind, but I still remember enough. I remember that the Milky Way is the most apparent in the southern sky, in the constellation Sagittarius, which is next to Scorpius and looks like a teapot. It is also at its best in the summer. :)

So, I found myself a dark area about 40 minutes away from where I live. Zero light pollution, and absolute beauty. I am using a free trial of Light Room 5 right now, and it is a GODSEND, especially for night photography. When I was young, I had myself a telescope, although it wasn’t the best. I never dreamed I could take pictures of the stars. And here I am, almost 20 years later, photographing the Milky Way, and it looks beautiful!


The Milky Way in the constellation Sagittarius